We have reputable product manufacturers and suppliers from all around the globe. They manufacture products based on the standards accepted internationally.

Serial Standards Explanation
1. ANSI American National Standards Institute
2. API American Petroleum Institute
3. ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
4. BS British Standard
5. JIS Japanese Industrial Standards
6. DIN Deutsches Institut fur Normung

Honorable Brands

Serial Brand Explanation
1. Miyawaki, Japan Boiler Mountings
2. Samyang, Korea Boiler Mountings
3. Spirax-Sarco, UK Boiler Mountings, Flow Metering & Valves
4. Lonz, China Boiler Mountings
5. G-Flow, OEM Boiler Mountings, Flow Metering & Valves
6. Zetkama, Poland Boiler Mountings & Valves
7. Pentair, Germany Boiler Mountings
8. Toyo, Japan Valves
9. Sanwa, Thailand Valves & Fittings
10. Yoshitake, Japan Boiler Mountings
11. TLV, Japan Valves & Boiler Mountings
12. Klinger, Austria Valves
13. Ayvaz, Turkey Valves
14. JHS, China Valves
15. Yarway, Germany Boiler Mountings & Valves
16. Cesare-Bonetti, Italy Boiler Mountings & Valves
17. FIV, Italy Valves
18. Bueno Technology, Taiwan Valves & Fittings
19. Varimax, Poland Valves
20. 317, Taiwan Boiler Mountings
21. G. Gioanola Sisma, Italy Water Meters
22. WaterTech, Italy Water Meters
23. Bestar Steel, China Pipes
24. Zhejiang Junyue Steel, China Pipes
25. Fitok, Germany Valves
26. Asco Numatics, USA Valves
27. IMI Norgren, USA Regulators
28. Sensus, USA Regulators
29. Southman, China Filters, Pneumatics
30. Hanjewel, China Fittings
31. Atlas, Thailand Cutting Disks